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Have More Confidence with a Bright, Stain-free Smile

At OrthoPik, we know how important it is for your self esteem to have a healthy-looking smile. Things like plaque, calculus, tartar, smoke stains, and tea and coffee stains can make your teeth appear unsightly or even embarrassing. With OrthoPik, all you need is 1 minute a day to permanently remove all the nasty buildup. You can instantly reveal bright, white teeth and a beautiful smile that makes you feel amazing!

Ultrasonic Power

Using high frequency vibration of 26000-31000 beats per minute plus ultrasonic technology, OrthoPik cleans deeper around your teeth and gumline, removing stains and build up that your floss and toothbrush simply aren’t designed to get.

Brighter, White Teeth

Without all the discolored build up, your teeth will be the whitest you’ve ever seen them, and you’ll notice the difference after just one use!


OrthoPik can fit in any overnight bag, plus it comes with a convenient USB cord for charging in any standard USB port.

Why Do I Need This?


Effectively separate dental plaque, dental calculus and remove hard tartar easily from teeth, preventing gum disease.


Bring back your smile and confidence. Get those pearly white teeth you've been dreaming for. Orthopik helps you keep your teeth looking pearly white longer.


The ergonomic design helps you control the tip for angles that your dentist can’t even clean without causing pain.



“This is a really solid product. I honestly stopped making cleaning appointments at the dentist because this works so well. You just have to turn the vibrations on low then slowly pick up speed as you get used to it, and I’m not kidding when I say there will be no plaque or buildup left over after about 15 minutes. Truly magical!

Tina M. - Missouri

Pamela W.

The vibrations feel really cool, and there is no pain whatsoever. After just a few minutes the coffee stains started to loosen up, it’s incredible.

Dwayne J.

My teeth look awesome, I wish I would have taken a before picture. You would not believe the difference. I am a gadget guy, I love this product

Sharon C.

I am a Certified Dental Assistant and with the product I experienced a cleaning on par with the one I get from my Hygienist. It is terrific.